Congratulations to Our Photo Contest Finalists!

facebook contest finalists

Thank you to all of our amazing clients – and your adorable pets – for participating in our first-ever photo contest. Our team has reviewed all the entries and we’ve selected all of our favorite photos that we hope will find their way onto the walls of our hospital.

As a reminder, we’ll be selecting 3 lucky entries to receive their very own canvas print from among the finalists you see in this photo collage. Find your photo in the collage or check the list below to see if you made the cut.

We will be reaching out to finalists to get high-resolution photos of your entry so that we can select our 3 winners. Please check your Facebook messenger inbox in the coming days if you are a finalist, or you can reach out to us at to help us secure the original, high-res version of your photo.

Congratulations to all the finalists!

Stay tuned to our Facebook so you don’t miss the unveiling of our 3 winners!

Find out if you’re a finalist in the list below:

  • Alexandria August, Maverick
  • Alicia Eagles, Rex
  • Alina Pearl Zielinski, Otis
  • Alison Knowlton, Rosie
  • Amanda Root, Koda
  • Amy Bergman, Cassiopeia
  • Amy Bergman, Pungo
  • Amy Ruberti, Finley
  • Ashley Carr, Kora
  • Becca Schiller, Sasha
  • Brooke Connelly, Rivy
  • Carrie White, Louie
  • Cathy Genovesi-Nevasini
  • Clare Goliber, Harvey
  • Courtney Lussier, Olsen
  • Darcie Disonell
  • Debbie Krohl, Daisy
  • Donna Gold, Lucie Lu
  • Donna Gold, Ruby and Rebel
  • Donna Gold, Stitch
  • Emma Kate Small, Azrial
  • Emma Kate Small, Castiel
  • Erin Hughes, Leo
  • Jackie Nealon, Yoshi
  • Jennifer Lange, Charlotte
  • Jennifer Lange, Sansa
  • Jess Famiano, Tilly
  • Jessie Kafka, Ellie
  • Jillian Vincent, Kinley
  • Jim Lenane, Dallas
  • Judy Baurle
  • Kari Sovas, Lila
  • Kelleigh Huneau, Simon and Paizley
  • Kelleigh Huneau, Spencer and Lily
  • Kim Percey, Maverick Dickey
  • Kristin Gregor
  • Laura Dresser, Kvasir
  • Laura Dresser, Nahla
  • Lexa Beaudoin, Trooper
  • Lindsay Carlton, Ozzy
  • Lisa Pallone, Kenzie
  • Lynn McCormick, Chewie
  • Michele Reale, Fred
  • Nick Holzhauer, Zed
  • Nicole Chan-Holzhauer, Mugzee
  • Nicole Clark Travis, Wryder
  • Pam Lajeunesse, Ruby
  • Perry Kennedy, Whisky
  • Rebecca Foland, Luna
  • Riley Nuss, Luna
  • Roscoe Lilly, Hudson
  • Sam Brown, Cry
  • Samantha McGrath, Gordon
  • Sandy Koslow, Autumn
  • Sarah Meyer, Gunnar
  • Sarah Symans, Matilda
  • Stacey Scheffler, Bear
  • Stacey Scheffler, Frosty
  • Tiffany Sanderson, Chloe
  • ZZ Sarah Noel, Dilbert (Dilly)
  • ZZ Sarah Symans

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