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Our AAHA Accreditation: Setting a Higher Standard in Veterinary Medicine

In 2020, Cornerstone Veterinary Hospital of Clifton Park earned accreditation with the American Animal Hospital Association. While excellent care and service for our cherished patients and clients has always been our top priority, we knew we needed to go a step further and commit ourselves to setting a higher standard of medicine within our community. What’s more, we believe that you and your pet deserve the very best we can give, and with our accreditation, we can truly do just that—every day.

Why Our Accreditation Matters

Only 15% of all veterinary practices in North America are AAHA accredited. This means that individual practices make the conscious decision to pursue accreditation, which requires meeting the 940 AAHA Standards of Accreditation.

These standards involve virtually every aspect of veterinary practice, including anesthesia, pain management, client communication, cleanliness, storage, fire safety, record keeping, and much more. The extent to which we care about (and care for) people and their pets is evident in the work we do to continue improving our services. We leave no stone unturned in our mission to build up our community through superior veterinary medicine and a uniquely personal experience for our patients and clients.

At Cornerstone Veterinary Hospital of Clifton Park, we believe that going to the vet should not feel like a chore, or be stressful to people or their pets. As an AAHA accredited practice, we hope to change the way pet care is perceived and set a higher standard for caregivers in the community.

See the AAHA difference for yourself. Give us a call today at (518) 383-6254!

What You Can Expect at Our AAHA Accredited Hospital

Much of what makes a practice AAHA accredited is done behind the scenes to provide pets and their parents with an exceptional experience. Below are some important examples showing what sets us, and other AAHA accredited hospitals, apart.

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What is AAHA?

The American Animal Hospital Association was established in 1933. Ever since, it has grown to encompass almost 4,000 animal practices in North America and has become a leading influence in the veterinary industry. AAHA regularly produces peer-reviewed guidelines for everything from wellness care and surgery to vaccinations and dental care. These guidelines help veterinarians deliver the highest-quality care to their patients, and ensure that they are always kept informed of the best and latest practices.