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Fear Free Veterinary Professionals in Clifton Park, NY

At Cornerstone Veterinary Hospital of Clifton Park, our goal is to take fear out of the equation during your pet’s visit. Calm, comfortable pets tolerate handling and treatment with greater ease and are often healthier as a result. That’s why most of our veterinarians and staff have become Fear Free Certified Professionals. We’re dedicated to making our entire practice a place that nurtures your pet’s well-being so they can be healthy and happy.

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Why is Fear Free Important?

Fear Free care takes a lot of the anxiety out of vet visits for many pets, making them more receptive to treatment and more likely to enjoy better health in the long run. Stressed out pets are much more fearful and this can make simply getting into the car a challenge, both for them and their owner. The Fear Free program helps pets get the care they need and build a healthy relationship with their veterinarian, so they can enjoy a longer life and a stronger bond with their family.

Fear Free Pet Owner Resources

You can become a Fear Free-savvy pet owner using the resources provided below.
Click on each link to see an article that will help you incorporate Fear Free into your pet’s life.

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What Makes a Fear Free Vet Visit Different from a Regular Visit?

There are many things that set Fear Free vets apart from others.
Here are some of the most noteworthy:

1. Pets will have species-specific waiting areas, or will have the option to wait with their owner in the car away from other animals and then be taken directly to an exam room.

2. We eliminate slick, cold surfaces in favor of warm, non-slip surfaces like yoga mats and warm towels.

3. To induce relaxation in our patients, we use artificial cat and dog pheromones, along with aromatherapy diffusers and low, pet-friendly music for a calming effect.

4. When your pet first arrives, our team members will avoid making direct eye contact with them. We’ll focus on you instead, and give your pet time to assess their surroundings and get used to the new people before giving them our attention.

5. Treats are a great distraction for pets and make for a tasty reward following treatment. We recommend bringing your pet when they’re hungry so they’ll be more enthusiastic about getting treats!

6. Who knew the color of our walls could help reduce stress in pets? Soft pastel colors are more soothing than the overwhelming bright white often seen in clinical settings.

7. Along with using treats as a distraction, we also use toys to make pets more comfortable.

8. Instead of taking pets to “the back,” we treat them right there in the exam room when possible so your pet won’t be separated from you.

9. For pets that need a little extra help staying calm, we can prescribe anti-anxiety medications or supplements to make their car ride and vet visit a little easier.

10. Our team members are trained to observe your pet’s emotional responses for signs of fear and anxiety, and find ways to reduce that fear and make future visits even less stressful.

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Fear Free Happy Homes

Fear Free Happy Homes provides you with access to the best and latest Fear Free information, so you can give your companion the happiest, healthiest, fullest life. Fear Free Happy Homes offers an extensive content library with educational tips and tricks in the form of videos, veterinary behaviorist-reviewed articles, and downloadable handouts. You can also get discounts on pet services and products!