Your Veterinarian in Halfmoon, NY

At Cornerstone Veterinary Hospital Of Clifton Park, we put your needs and those of your pet first and foremost. As your trusted veterinarian in Halfmoon, NY, we consider you a partner in your pet's care because you know your pet best and can share important information about their health. Additionally, we believe that treatments should follow logical conclusions gained from in-depth diagnostic workups. Our treatments are founded on science and facts and are designed to bring about fast-acting, lasting results. Last but not least, our veterinarians speak fluent feline and deliver feline-specific veterinary medicine that meets your cat's unique needs.

veterinarian in halfmoon, ny

Convenient Hours and Same Day Vet Appointments

We're not kidding when we say your needs and those of your pet come first. We designed our hours of operation to fit into your busy schedule. Every day of the week, we have late hours to accommodate daytime workers, and we also have hours on Saturday too. Our goal is to develop a relationship with you and your pet, and the best way to do that is to have flexible hours so you can visit us in the first place!

Furthermore, our hospital accommodates same day vet appointments for sick or injured pets. If you're ever worried about your pet's health, call us right away and we'll be sure to get you into the hospital on the same day as your call.

Full-Service Vet Care for Halfmoon, NY Pet Owners

At Cornerstone Veterinary Hospital of Clifton Park, we provide Halfmoon, NY pet owners with all their veterinary needs. Below, you see a list of our core veterinary services. Looking for something else? No worries! Call us today to see if Cornerstone has what you're looking for - chances are we do!

In-Depth Diagnostic Workups for Halfmoon, NY Pet Owners

We rely heavily on our pet diagnostic tools to better explain why your pet isn't feeling well and to even catch diseases and underlying conditions before they have any symptoms. Our in-house lab, digital X-rays, and ultrasound are all utilized by our trained team members and reviewed by an expert veterinarian. We believe that the best way to deliver treatment is to first fully understand the illness. Only then do we have all the knowledge we need to develop an effective treatment plan.

Cat Wellness Care and Treatment in Halfmoon, NY

You don't need us to tell you that your cat is unique! At Cornerstone, we recognize the inherent differences between cats and dogs and treat them accordingly. With us, your cat will always receive feline-specific care that addresses both their medical and behavioral needs. We strive to make every feline guest comfortable. In addition, we use feline-specific equipment, offer feline-specific treatments, and deliver feline-specific advice and guidance to cat owners.

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Directions to Our Animal Hospital From Halfmoon, NY

From Halfmoon, head out of town, going northwest on Guideboard Road. Cross Route 9 to continue onto Grooms Road. When you arrive at Moe Road, turn right and continue until you reach NY-146 W. Turn left and our animal hospital will be on your right a little ways after crossing Vischer Ferry Road.