Your Trusted Veterinarian in Scotia and Glenville, NY

We get it-your pets are family. As family, they deserve the highest quality of veterinary care in Glenville and Scotia, NY, especially when they need it the most. At Cornerstone Veterinary Hospital Of Clifton Park, a short drive from Glenville, NY and Scotia, NY, we deliver unparalleled care to your furry family with confident diagnoses, same day vet appointments, feline expertise, clean and safe boarding, and so much more.

Same Day Vet Appointments for Glenville and Scotia, NY Pet Owners

If your pet is sick or injured, you won't need to put off your veterinary care until a later appointment. At Cornerstone Veterinary Hospital Of Clifton Park, when your sick pet needs care, call us and we\'ll make sure to get you in on the same day.

Pet Boarding for Glenville and Scotia, NY

We offer exceptional pet boarding facilities that are in a league of their own. They are spacious, immaculately clean, and staffed by compassionate, trained personnel. We strive to help all of our guests, both canine and feline, feel right at home. Dogs enjoy several outdoor sessions while cats can enjoy playtime in our cattery. We also provide them with all the essentials: water, comfortable bedding, and spacious suites, all of which are cleaned on a daily basis. Please provide your pet\'s food with feeding directions so we can make sure to stick as close to their home routine as possible.

veterinarian in glenville and scotia, ny

A Higher Level of Care: Competence in Diagnoses

Diagnostics such as lab work, X-rays, and ultrasound allow us to discover the cause of their malaise whenever your pet is not themselves. Our veterinarians offer confident diagnoses through their years of experience and deliver trusted advice and guidance for your pet's care. We are able to deliver accurate diagnoses and create effective treatment plans during the same visit. Our doctors have the expertise you need to give your pet the best chance at faster, more effective treatment and recovery.

Expertise In Feline Medicine for Glenville and Scotia, NY Cat Owners

As a cat owner, you don't need us to tell you that cats are special creatures! We deliver expert care for our feline friends that suits their unique needs. Our team of veterinarians and staff are well-versed in feline medicine and behavior, so we can not only effectively treat your cat, but lessen their stress and keep them comfortable while they visit with us.

Directions from Glenville, NY

From Glenville, make your way to Van Buren Road and head east. Continue onto Glenridge Road and at the traffic circle continue straight to stay on Glenridge. Continue onto NY-146 E and our animal hospital will be on the left a little ways after you cross Miller Road.

Directions From Scotia, NY

From Scotia, make your way to Ballston Ave and take it to Sunnyside Road, where you'll make a right. When you reach Freemans Bridge Road, turn left, and then take a right on Maple Avenue. At the traffic circle, take the first exit onto Glenridge Road Continue onto NY-146 E and our animal hospital will be on your left.