What Is a Cat Friendly Vet Practice?

Welcome to Cornerstone Veterinary Hospital of Clifton Park’s blog, where we’re dedicated to providing pet owners like you with valuable information and insights into the world of veterinary care. In this article, we’ll discuss what it means to be a Cat Friendly Practice and how it can benefit your feline companion’s health and well-being. If you’re in Clifton Park, NY, and seeking a veterinary team that truly understands and caters to your cat’s unique needs, call us at (518) 383-6254 to make an appointment.




What Does It Mean to Be a Cat Friendly Practice?

A Cat Friendly Practice is much more than just a veterinary clinic that treats cats; it’s a place specially designed to reduce stress and anxiety for our feline friends. At Cornerstone Veterinary Hospital of Clifton Park, we understand that cats have unique needs and sensitivities, and we’ve tailored our practice to meet those needs.

The Benefits of Choosing a Cat Friendly Practice

A Stress-Free Environment

  • Reduced Noise and Distractions: In our hospital, we’ve taken steps to minimize loud noises and disturbances that can make cats anxious.
  • Feline-Only Exam Rooms: Our specially designed exam rooms have Feliway, helping your cat feel calm and relaxed so they can receive the undivided attention they deserve.

Highly Trained Staff

  • Understanding Cat Behavior: Our team has undergone specialized training in feline behavior, enabling us to handle and treat your cat with care and expertise.
  • Gentle Handling: We know how to handle cats gently to minimize stress during examinations and procedures.

Cat-Focused Services

  • Preventive Care: We offer comprehensive preventive care tailored to your cat’s age, lifestyle, and specific health needs.
  • Advanced Diagnostic Tools: Our hospital is equipped with state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment to accurately diagnose and treat feline health issues.

Why Choose Cornerstone Veterinary Hospital of Clifton Park

When you choose Cornerstone Veterinary Hospital of Clifton Park for your feline companion’s care, you’re choosing a veterinary practice that is passionate about cats. Our commitment to creating a cat-friendly environment ensures that your pet receives the best possible care.

At Cornerstone Veterinary Hospital of Clifton Park, we’re proud to be a Cat Friendly Practice dedicated to providing exceptional care to our feline patients. If you’re a cat owner in Clifton Park, NY, we invite you to experience the difference a Cat Friendly Practice can make in your pet’s life. Call us today at (518) 383-6254 and let us be your trusted partner in your cat’s health journey.

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