5 Benefits of Dog Acupuncture

More and more dog owners are deciding to explore alternative therapies for their dogs. Usually, these things act as supportive care alongside more traditional treatments. One of these fairly new treatment options for dogs is acupuncture.

It has been claimed that acupuncture can be an effective treatment for several different types of ailments in dogs. Most commonly, acupuncture is used to help dogs with pain management. However, there has also been evidence suggesting acupuncture can help relive issues respiratory, digestive, musculoskeletal, and even skin issues in dogs.

In this article, we will be explaining everything that dog owners need to know about getting their dogs acupuncture. This will include getting into how acupuncture in dogs works, what its benefits are, and how you can go about getting acupuncture done for your dog. Let’s jump right into it!

benefits of acupuncture for dogs clifton park ny

What is Canine Acupuncture

Acupuncture involves placing tiny needles in strategic places on the body. This is an important part of ancient Chinese medicine, and it has been done on humans for thousands of years as an alternative treatment for pain management. More recently though, people have been turning to this treatment to help their dogs manage pain as well.

Can Acupuncture Really Be Helpful for Dogs

There have been many official scientific studies exploring acupuncture and its effectiveness on dogs. In most cases, findings have been pretty promising and suggest that acupuncture does help dogs with certain ailments. This is especially true when acupuncture is used as a supportive treatment alongside more traditional veterinary medicine.

The 5 Benefits of Dog Acupuncture

As of now, there are five main benefits of acupuncture for dogs. Acupuncture is mainly used to treat conditions that cause dogs pain and inflammation. However, this can cover a broad range of medical conditions and symptoms. Here are the five benefits of dog acupuncture.

1) Acupuncture Can Help Relieve a Dog’s Pain

Studies have suggested that acupuncture can help dogs with managing pain. Acupuncture is usually used to help dogs manage pain caused by the following:

  • Arthritis
  • Degenerative joint diseases
  • Recovery from surgery
  • Cancer
  • Intervertebral disc disease
  • Conditions causing nerve pain
  • Recovery from injuries

If your dog has or is going through any of the above, it may be a good idea to consult with them about getting your dog acupuncture as an additional, supportive treatment option.

2) Acupuncture Can Help Improve a Dog’s Skin Issues canine acupuncture

Many skin conditions are caused by inflammation, especially for dogs with allergies. As a result, acupuncture can help dogs feel less itchy when they have allergies and some types of dermatitis. If your dog struggles with skin issues, it may be worthwhile to consult with your vet about getting your dog acupuncture alongside their more traditional treatments.

3) Acupuncture Can Help Reduce GI Upset in Dogs

Digestive issues are often caused by inflammation as well. As a result, acupuncture may be able to help treat your dog for things like chronic diarrhea and nausea.

4) Acupuncture Can Help Treat Musculoskeletal Problems in Dogs

Acupuncture can also help treat the information caused by many musculoskeletal and joint diseases like arthritis. For this reason, more and more vet clinics are including acupuncture as an optional supportive treatment for dogs in rehab.

5) Acupuncture Can Help Treat Some Canine Respiratory Issues

Acupuncture has been proven to reduce inflammation and relax the immune system in dogs. As a result, some dogs see improvements in their breathing after getting acupuncture. This is mainly reserved for dogs with respiratory issues that are caused by allergies and asthma.

Are There Any Side Effects of Acupuncture on Dogs?

side effects dog acupuncture

There are only a few minor side effects of acupuncture in dogs. These side effects include:

  • Soreness
  • Mild bleeding or bruising around needle insertion sites
  • Lethargy or tiredness for about a day after

While acupuncture is generally very safe for dogs, experts do not recommend electroacupuncture for dogs who:

  • Are pregnant
  • Have seizures or epilepsy
  • Have heart disease
  • Have certain types of cancer

How Often Should a Dog Get Acupuncture

For the most part, it is a good idea to ask this question to the vet that is giving your dog the acupuncture. This is because they are going to have the best idea as to how long your dog will need the procedure.

Another thing to consider is why your dog is getting acupuncture. For instance, dogs getting acupuncture for surgery recovery will likely only need a few acupuncture sessions before they feel better and are back to their old selves. However, dogs that are getting acupuncture to treat a chronic condition will likely need more acupuncture sessions.


Alternative therapies, such as a acupuncture, can be a great method of treatment for your pup. It is very important to speak to your veterinarian before starting acupuncture therapy on your dog.

For pets in the Clifton Park, NY region, Cornerstone Veterinary Hospital of Clifton Park provides veterinary acupuncture for both dogs and cats. Give us a call today at (518) 383-6254 or visit us online to make an appointment!

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