Enjoy Summer to its Fullest with Your Furry Friend

Our pets are some of our best friends, and of course, we want to take them everywhere with us to give them different experiences. Summer is a great time for taking time off, travelling, or enjoying time at home with a staycation. It’s natural to want your pet to enjoy the summer sun as much as you do, but a word of caution: they can’t handle the heat quite the same as you! Dogs and cats don’t sweat like us, so a hot day can affect them quickly, causing heatstroke or heat exhaustion. This doesn’t mean they can’t be outdoors, just that they need some extra care and attention! Additionally, summer holidays such as the 4th of July and Labor Day bring about fireworks that can terrify your pet. Read our tips for keeping your pet safe during summer!

Summer Pet Safety Tips

german shepherd looking at ball
brown dog outside scaled

Take these things into consideration when taking your pet on a summer adventure:

  • NEVER leave your pet in a parked car. The heat can rise to dangerous levels rapidly, leaving your pet vulnerable to heatstroke or even death. It’s not worth the risk. Take them out with you or leave them at home!
  • Don’t want to skip your daily walks due to heat? Take your walks earlier in the morning and later in the evening!
  • Keep your pet from walking on hot pavement. The heat radiating off the asphalt can raise their body temperature too quickly, and the surface is awfully hot on paws!
  • Whenever your pet is outdoors in warm weather, make sure they have plenty of fresh, cool water to drink, as well as a patch of shade to lie down in.
  • Parasite prevention and vaccinations are important all year round, but especially in the summer. Bacteria and pests love the heat too, so are out in abundance!
  • Pets and fireworks simply don't mix. The booming noises and flashing light can frighten your pet to the point of bolting. Keep them inside and away from windows if possible, and administer noise aversion medication if needed.
  • Microchip your pet. Not only fireworks can send them into flight mode, but summer thunderstorms can, too! Make sure your pet returns safely to you with a microchip.
  • BBQs are a staple of summer and while all the food is marvelous to us, much of it can cause problems with your pet. Keep your guests from feeding them food from their plates and make sure your trash is inaccessible to curious noses as well!

Have any questions or concerns? Give us a call or ask at your next visit! We’re happy to help.