House Calls: In-Home Veterinary Care for Your Pet

We consider it our responsibility to accommodate clients and patients as best we can in any situation, and for those unable to travel to our animal hospital in Clifton Park, we make no exceptions. We’re happy to make veterinary house calls so we can provide the same level of care to your pet that you would expect at our full-service facility. While we cannot bring our X-ray and ultrasound equipment to you, we can perform the following services:

Preparing for a House Call

Our house call service allows pets to receive the care they need in the comfort and quiet of their own homes. Avoid having guests over during this time, and be sure to have an appropriate space cleared for us to treat your pet. When scheduling a house call, please be sure to inform us of all concerns and/or services you would like for your pet. That way, our veterinarian can bring along all necessary materials to your scheduled appointment.

Do you have any questions about our house call service? Need to schedule a house call? Reach out to us at (518) 383-6254 so we can help you.

veterinary house calls in Clifton Park