Your Exotic Vets in Clifton Park, NY

At Cornerstone Veterinary Hospital of Clifton Park, we know that animal companions come in many shapes and sizes—and we think each one deserves the highest level of care! Two of our Veterinarians see exotic patients in addition to cats and dogs. Dr. Melanie Brennan sees small mammals such as guinea pigs, ferrets and rabbits. Dr. Diana Pogorzelski also treats small mammals, but her expertise extends beyond that to include reptiles, amphibians, and even pet insects. They provide exceptional care for your companion, whether furry or scaly! Call (518) 383-6254 to schedule an appointment for your exotic pet!

exotic pet care in clifton park

Exotic pets need wellness care, just like cats and dogs. Schedule your pet’s appointment today!

vet holding lizard

Exotic Vet Care Services

Services we provide for exotics include:

  • Well pet exams 
  • Sick pet exams 
  • Nail trims 
  • Surgery 
  • Diagnostics (bloodwork/urinalysis, digital X-ray and ultrasound)

Common Issues for Exotic Pets

Our exotics vets are familiar with many of the common problems reptiles and small mammals face. Unfortunately, many health problems are the result of improper husbandry. Taking care of an exotic pet requires a unique approach for every species. During your pet’s wellness visit, our exotics vet will talk to you about your individual pet’s husbandry needs and make sure they’re getting the care they require at home!

Husbandry Consultation

  • Diet – Your pet’s diet needs to include all the nutrients they would normally get in the wild. They should be fed a diet as close to their natural diet as possible, such as hay for rabbits or whole mice in the case of snakes. In many cases, it is best to add supplements, like calcium in bearded dragons.
  • Habitat – For exotic pets, it’s essential that their enclosure matches their natural habitat as closely as possible. This is especially true for reptiles, where different species have a variety of specific requirements. Many require a UVB light since improper UV exposure can affect your reptile’s health. Temperature is another key point, especially since many species are from tropical areas. The humidity and sanitation of the enclosure are also important as poor sanitary conditions can cause skin infections.
  • Socialization – Not all pets love company. Many reptiles prefer their own enclosures and solitude, while small mammals like guinea pigs or sugar gliders love a pal or two. Do your research to determine if your exotic pet would prefer to be on their own or in a crowd.
  • Handling Handling your pet should cause as little stress as possible. Often rabbits and small mammals enjoy human touch and will more readily form bonds with their owners. Most reptiles prefer minimal handling, yet some, like bearded dragons and turtles, can enjoy more contact with their owners, especially if the handling is started at a young age. When handling your pet, always be sure to support their full body weight and make sure there’s not too much activity or too many people around. Be attentive to your pet’s needs and try to only engage them on their terms.

Have any questions about your pet’s unique needs? Don’t hesitate to give us a call at (518) 383-6254! We’ll be happy to help.